The Shiloh Battlefield today is just the way it was in 1862, little has changed. It is probably the best preserved battlefield of the Civil War. Shiloh was fought on April 6&7, 1862 near an old log church called "SHILOH". The confederates under Gen. Albert S. Johnston had hoped to surprise the Yankees and drive them into the Tennessee River. This might have happened except the stubborn fighting men of the union army under Ulysses S. Grant (US) fought with their backs to the river knowing they had no place to go - they had to fight or die. At the end of the first day the rebels had drove them nearly to the river but they held on and that night heavy reinforcements arrived and the next day they drove the rebels from the field.

Let me take you to the places where the soldiers fought and died. We will follow the movement of the armies and soldiers.

We will visit many famous places, such as Shiloh Log Church, Hornet Nest, Sunken Road, Peach Orchard, Pittsburgh Landing, Grant's Last Line and many others.

We will also talk about some of the what ifs. What if a Colonel named Peabody (US) had not sent out a reconnecting party early April 6, What if Lew Wallace's division (US) had reached the battlefield the first day (they were only 6 miles away). What if Gen. Albert S. Johnston (CS) had not lost his life in the peach orchard the first day, and there are others.

"Headquarters - General U.S. Grant "


1 Person $25 per hour / each additional person + $5 per hour
Limit of $50 per hour for 6 or more people

Children 14 & under - FREE

Duration : About 2-4 hours depending on how much detail is desired


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